About Us

Functional Fitness Academy (F.F.A) is one of its kinds of facility which incorporates the Hybrid culture of Fitness industry which facilitates both conventional exercise protocols as well as the Functional training methods. We try to bring in the latest and yet scientifically designed exercise equipment’s to the floor which is completely effective and safe. The new form of Fitness which evolves out of these training methods is what we like to call as Functional Fitness. The workouts designed and performed in the supervision of our qualified fitness professionals will make your body so much efficient for your daily life physical demands. Your body is designed to move, to run, to crawl and to jump so that’s exactly what we do in FFA. We won’t be sitting on stationery Leg curl machine which has no carry over effect to your daily life. Let’s train the body and move it naturally how it’s supposed to move. Let’s not be Fit for nothing, let’s be Functionally Fit.